March 27, 2013

We Snack (mostly) Raw Wednesdays: On The Go!

Some of my favorite on the go snacks are of course fruits!  I almost always grab an apple on Sundays when we are at the church for 6 hours.  I also love the fresh, ready to go baby carrots. But here are a few other ideas:

Lara Bars.  I love these simple, raw bars!  They have mini versions as well, and SO many flavors. I don't think any bar has more than 5 ingredients, and they are yummy!

Smoothie (if you have a few minutes to prep first).  There are so many options of healthy, tasty, even dessert-y smoothies.  I love a green smoothie in the morning, check out this recipe.  I also love a little Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie when I'm craving something sweet.  Play around with your favorite ingredients and see what you can come up with!  Here are some recipes to get you started.

Think Thin. (not even close to raw) These are some of mine and my hubby's favorite protein bars.  They are ToneItUp approved with no sugar, 20 grams of protein and lots of flavor options.  My favorites are Chunky or Creamy Peanut Butter (they taste so much like a Reese's), and I love the Fudge Brownie as well.
Luna Bar. (also not raw) I think these make great mid-morning snacks or pre-workout energy boosts. I like that these are geared towards women's needs, but LOVE that they taste De-Liscious!!! =)  The Chocolate Dipped Coconut is my all time favorite!

Easy to Grab Fruits and Veggies of course.  I like pairing them with little Peanut Butter Packets or Hummus Packs.

I have fallen in love with these little Guacamole Packets too. Fill up on the healthy stuff!! I hope you find some of these easy, healthy and tasty too!

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