March 22, 2013

Walgreens Challenge Week 8

So my previous Walgreens post, I spent all my Registered Rewards on a Rebate, which means I have no money to put towards any new items for a few weeks.  I did get a toothpaste deal, where I paid $.50 for a tube of Crest and got back $3 in RR.  Then I used those on some medicine for my baby after she had an allergic reaction to something. =(  So we are kinda back at square one here.  I am still logging my walks so I can get more points, they add up slowly.  I am deciding if I want to keep at it after my rebate comes in or not.  I may have finished this year long challenge in 2 months.  Haha.  Live and learn.  It was still fun though. =)

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