March 21, 2013

Four Weeks In the Making...

Well this post was four weeks in the making (or maybe that's just how long it's taken for me to sit down at my computer!).  And what a full four weeks this has been! The first notable event was the girls (my three oldest and their friend) being flower girls in a very special wedding!  We spent all day a few Saturdays ago getting pampered at home, a pre-wedding workout, a bath and manicures.  Then we somehow had run out of time and were rushing to get everyone dressed, hair up and out the door in time for pictures. It was a beautiful day, some of my favorite moments:

All of you brides-to-be, check out a free app called WedPics.  Our friends used this, and everyone with a smart phone could upload all their pictures, wherever they were.  It was awesome seeing everyone's perspective and experiences of the very special event.  

We just finished Spring Break, and tackled Potty Training!!!  Yes, if you've been reading awhile, you know I potty trained over the summer, but we never got 100% finished, and then back pedaled a bit.  So I stayed firm and finished over spring break.  Yay!  And my little 2 year old is doing so well!  So many wonderful goals were met in the past few weeks, like getting my baby sleeping through the night (Yes Lord!), potty training, making spring break fun for the girls, and getting all our teeth cleaned (oh my, what a learning experience...never take all four of your kids at the same time, by yourself...I had to call in reinforcements). 

I also played guitar again! Wow, I know.  It had been two years since I'd literally even picked one up. DJ and I decided to have me start playing one Sunday out of the month with our worship team.  It was definitely a little awkward getting used to it again, and my poor fingers were hurting, but I'm so happy that I have a reason to force myself to get back at it.

God also made it really clear that I need to be vocal coaching. What?!...I had NEVER in my life thought about it really, but in 3 weeks I had 4 different people ask me if I would help them.  So, I spent another 4 weeks hesitating (which I am sadly really good at...but working on!) and then decided I would really love to do it!  So, I don't know where that is going to lead, but it's pretty exciting for sure!!!

I have been trying to make some time to sit and write, and especially to write creatively, I don't know when THAT will happen again, but at least I can sit in a little cafe, staring at a grey sky and type away to catch you up with what's been going on. It only took 4 weeks! Heehee.  This also goes week 4 on having NO dryer.  The lovely people who are supposed to be fixing it are still waiting for the new part (don't buy Samsung), and though they told us 2 weeks at most, they really have no control over the situation. So I have been using all my friends dryers...thank you guys!

And last little bit of news I can think of, DJ and I are going to be taking on the P90X challenge starting in April!! I'm really excited, you know from all my previous workout posts, I love a tough physical challenge and especially a little competition!

I have a few posts to catch you up on some other areas, I'll try to get those done soon!!!  =)  Thanks for your patience dear friends.  

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