March 23, 2013

100 Miles in 6 Weeks!

I did it! Starting on January 2nd of this year, I took on the Love Your Body Challenge (I posted about it here).  Part of the challenge was to run, walk, jog, bike or crawl 100 miles in 6 weeks (ending on Valentines Day).  Between sickness and travel I barely made it, with jogging the final 2 miles ON Valentines Day, but it was a huge accomplishment for me since I hadn't seriously got back into running since getting pregnant two years ago.  Something else pretty cool: I was one of the 10 runners up, to the top 3 winners, out of 400 entrants!!!  I don't think I've ever really won anything this big before, but especially not in fitness! =) It was so exciting and encouraging to be recognized for working hard and reaching personal goals.  Plus I won a little prize package from ToneItUp that's pretty cool too! =) What are your fitness goals this year?  If you don't have any, I'd encourage you to pick a few to get started with, like "drink half my body weight in ounces of water daily" or "walk 1-2 miles every day." Wherever you are in your journey to healthy living, having goals is critical! =) 

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