February 18, 2013

Warrior Chicks

You know you have really enjoyed a book when all the pages pretty much look like this:

I am trying to read one book a month this year.  I started with this awesome book by Holly Wagner, Warrior Chicks.  It was phenomenal. I finished, did the "homework" in the back and keep it out where I can see it everyday.  There are things still to be unpacked, treasures to uncover...but I find myself thinking about different aspects daily!!  Two of my favorite chapters spoke about the armor of God (in a way I'd never heard about it before) and "Staying Your Post."  UGH! I think about that chapter daily...it's such a challenge before me...and I love it! 

I highly recommend this book for every woman out there, no matter what your stage in life, you will love this read. 

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