February 16, 2013

Walgreens Challenge: Week 6

I'm pretty bummed! I went to Walgreens Thursday with my coupons and list of deals, ready to pay $2 out of pocket (plus $4 RR) and get $6 in RR back!!  Pretty cool.  But NONE of the items I was looking for were in stock =(.  I guess everyone else had the same bright ideas.  I'm so bummed.  I still walked out with 2 free Good and Natural bars (had 2 free coupons) and a red lipstick for Valentine's Day.  But all my grand scheming was for nothing. 
So now I HAVE to use my $4 Register Rewards by Monday 18th before they expire, hopefully next weeks sales are in stock for me!
Anyone else find any good deals?? Wanna jump in the challenge? Check it out HERE

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