February 11, 2013

Travels and Tissues

Dj and I were so excited to head out to Colorado 2 weeks ago for a songwriting workshop of sorts with Jared Anderson. We both went on a ten day social media fast just beforehand so I didn't get to post anything while we were there, which was actually really freeing. We enjoyed two days of traveling there and relaxing. We got to see some beautiful sights and eat some delicious foods too. But it was more exciting hanging out with some really cool people and getting to cowrite some songs! It was an awesome unforgettable week.
As soon as we drove home Dj got bronchitis, a sinus infection and the flu. My youngest baby girl and I also got sinus infections. So we spent all of last week with tissues, tea and Lysol. Ew. It was quite a long few days. But everyone is healthy again and that makes for one very happy mamma. That's a little bit of life that's been going on around here the past few weeks. =)

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