January 19, 2013

Walgreens Challenge, Week 2 Goodies

SO!  I am still in the process of learning about this Walgreens Challenge, but I did get a few more good deals this week...GREAT deals, since they came out to be free!

First I have to say, one of the items I was going to get (mentioned by Hip2Save.com) wasn't the same price, so I passed that deal =(.  Then I got to the register and none of my coupons would ring up, so they lady called management over and they were very nice and put two of my coupons through, but not the ones for my Lipton Teas.  So I evened out with those instead of making $.25 on each. But not worth making a big deal over. =) Lesson Learned: Be Patient.  Pick your Battles.  Check prices throughout the store, some things may not be marked that you expected and there are ALWAYS tons of mark downs!!

Now on to the good stuff:
I picked up 2 Lipton Teas, $1 each (with reward card) and $1 Register Reward = $2 out of pocket, but like FREE.  I learned previously to separate Register Reward deals that were the same item, or you would only get 1!
I also picked up 4 Scrubbing Bubbles Vanishing Toilet Bowl Cleaner Drops Ins = 4 @ $1.49 each, with 2 $2/2 Coupons = $1.96 + I earned 2,000 points (equals $2)!!! 

I separated the Lipton Teas (and gave up my extra $.25 a piece coupons), but learned another valuable lesson: Don't forget to swipe your rewards card, or punch in your phone number in EACH transaction...so I got charged an extra $.29.

So the total for the larger transaction was $3.96, I used my $2 register rewards from last week (that should have been $4, but I lived and learned, right!?) =)  Total: $.96 (plus I got a $1 Register Reward back for next week and 2,000 points)
Second transaction was $1.29 (should have been $1 even, had I used my rewards card number - duh!) with $1 RR back... Total out of pocket, $2.25 today, have $2 to spend next week and a total of 6,060 points already!!! (which I can spend at 5,000 point intervals if I choose).

YAY!  I would say it's working...=)  We'll see what next week sales papers have in store.

ONE OTHER BIG THING!  I just signed up for Walk with Walgreens, which gives you 10 points for every mile you log on their website! Meaning: you can earn up to 1,000 points for free every month just by walking and logging in!  How Awesome! I am already working on getting in 100 miles by Valentines Day, so I'm logging them in and earning points for free. =)  Go here if you want to link your rewards card number and start earning points too!

AND, here is a link to a FREE Health Test!  Check the location nearest you that offers this service, call and make an appointment, bring in the voucher (I'm sure you will have to have already signed up for walk with walgreens) and they will do a FREE Blood Glucose Test, Blood Pressure Test, and Body Composition Test!  Then you can get a free AARP membership for you or a friend over 50 years old, for one year ($16 value).  Pretty Cool! =) Lastly, check their site for weekly coupons that they offer exclusively to Walk with Walgreens Members!!

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