January 29, 2013

Rock My Run, Free Running Mixes!

I signed up for a free Rock My Run membership a few months ago, I got 1 free credit and 1 free download when I signed up and another free credit each month afterwards, 2 so far!  So I used the first one on a christian running mix, plus I received a free download for signing up.  I saved the other credits and used them together on another christian mix.  I love the options, they have a bunch of filters you can use to get the right genres, speeds, etc. But I like their clean lyric options best and I especially love using my run time as a time to engage my spirit as well, so I am always looking for motivating, encouraging tunes!  Let me know if you try it out which mixes you like! 

Also, Pandora is a great free resource for music.  Has anyone found a good, encouraging workout or running station?? I am still trying to find something good. =)

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