January 16, 2013

Love Your Body Challenge

I try not to post too many New Years challenges, because there are so many things we are all trying to change and grow in and too many at once is just, overwhelming!  But I have really been enjoying this New Years/Valentine's Challenge by Tone It Up.  The Love Your Body challenge goes until Valentines Day and it's all about eating cleaner, moving more and loving your body!  If you want more information check out This Post and sign up at the bottom of it to jump on board!  It's never too late to start.

One really cool goal they have set is to reach 100 miles by Valentine's Day!  That is a huge goal for me, but I plan to get there however I can, walking, jogging, biking, running, sprinting and crawling if needed!  =) So far I am at 34 out of 100!!  I never would've imagined I could get 34 miles in 2 weeks!  It's a very exciting goal for me.

Let me know if you jump on board with Tone It Up and Love Your Body!


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