October 18, 2012

Mustache Bash and More

What a month already!  It's hard to believe we are in the middle of October...holidays are JUST around the corner! After my final "Summer Photos and Favorites" I started working on Kailyn's 6th birthday party.  A cat theme of course, with a few friends, fun, games, allergen-free cupcakes, snacks and meow-y music!  We had so much fun planning all the little details and goody bags.  We topped the birthday weekend off with her first sleepover ever!

Well, just two weeks after her birthday is my husbands, and this is year is the big 3-0!  So I decided on a mustache theme, which is SO cute and kind of everywhere right now (I got some great ideas from pinterest).  The only bummer is that after planning, decorating, and executing I only snapped about 10 pictures =(.  I am hoping some of our friends will send me some of their best pictures too.  So here is a little taste of what I've been up to these past few weeks:

I literally snapped this shot while running to the door to welcome guests, it's a card holder where everyone could pin up their cards and "words of wisdom" notecards for the birthday boy. (Thanks goes to two friends for making this idea and "stringing" it all together ;)

We set up seating outside with beautiful fall-ish centerpieces. I used as many candles as I could since the sun set just about 30 minutes after we got started.  Each table has a candle and fall flowers or leaves around it.  I also snuck some jars with mustache stickers on them around the yard, filled with lit tealights. (Thanks to my friend Eileen for coming up with that idea, and making it happen, as well as helping with sooo many things!)  Plus a few hanging lanterns and strung outdoor christmas lights overhead!  This party was a group effort!

Our friend John made the best BBQ Brisket!  We had a BBQ style buffet with a BBQ Fountain! It was gooooood.

Sad it's so blurry, but this is how we spent most of the night, enjoying the warm weather outside with beautiful lights, food, drinks, music, conversation and even a little dancing.

I didn't get pictures of some of the cute decorations inside, we had posters for the bathroom that looked like this:

But with BATHROOM THIS WAY underneath.
Also some cute little labels for the food "Wet Your Whiskers" and "Tickle Your Lip Tickler." Made the stick mustaches with some free templates online and bought cute little mustache stickers to put on photos around the house and found some furry mustaches at the dollar store I stuck around and used on the prize bags.

We gave out a prize for best real and fake mustaches and a third for "honorable mention."  I found some cute mustache erasers at my daughters book fair at school, bought $.97 shaving cream and stuck it in there with a cute find at walmart (pictured below) and some chocolates.

Name that Stash Game, with magazine cut outs of mustaches, and I put a flap of posterboard over the face so you could find the answer underneath.  A few picture frames with cute mustache sayings...and we did two cookie cakes "3-0" with ice cream and toppings for sundaes.  It was a blast, and a good thing we got in a little dancing to burn those extra calories. ;)

And now, we are nearing November, holidays and my big 2-8! I'm so excited to have my family nearby, healthy children and already stocking up on cheap Christmas gifts!  What are some of your favorite things to do for the holidays?  For some GREAT Holiday ideas check out Hip2Save's Holiday Series!!!

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