September 11, 2012

Summer | Photos and Favorites, Day 15 (and Final)

Photo: First Day of Parents Day Out ... and the Official END of Summer for me. Everyone of my children age 1 and up is now in "school" so I can't help but feel as though Summer has ended.  Growing up in Vermont meant the beginning of school was the beginning of Fall. Sweaters weren't just a fashion statement and boots and gloves were only a month away.
Funny story: I was so sure that PDO started last week, so we were all dressed with lunches packed last Tuesday.  To keep from too much disappointment we spent most of the morning playing at McDonalds, and the girls ate their lunches there.  So now that it's for REAL, they are much happier.

Update: I wrote the above portion last is officially the second week of PDO and third week of Kindergarten.  We have already finished school pictures and ventured into our first School Fundraiser. Wow!  Time is flying huh!? 

I'm happy I was able to share some fun things and hopefully useful tools this summer.  Now we head into favorite time of year! Who knows what will happen!?  I challenge you to take a few minutes and pen out some goals you'd like to see happen before the holidays start up in a couple months.  

So Long Summer!!!

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