August 27, 2012

Summer | Photos and Favorites, Day 14 [Girls in Curls]

Photo: Kailyn's First Day Of School! So I swore I wouldn't be that parent running through the school's hallway (even though it's clearly listed in the School Rules: NO Running), hiding my crocodile tears behind my oversized sunglasses (definitely NOT cool wearing them inside when they're paired with old workout shorts and a dirty t-shirt).  And I actually held it together at least until I got to my car.  It wasn't as bad as the night we met her teacher last week.  I bawled most of the night after I laid them down to bed.  I finally told DJ (my hubby), "This is just the first step to her getting married," between snot and sobs.  That may be a little dramatic, but it really feels that way, the first BIG stepping of letting go little by little.

Luckily, she is more excited than nervous for school and I KNOW she's going to do great. That helps a lot.

Favorite: Kailyn. Since it's wrong to say I have a favorite child I always say to Kailyn, "You're my favorite Kailyn in the whole world!" And I say the same to each of them. And it's true! No one else with their name is better...not anywhere in the whole world.  I loved painting everyone's nails pink and wrapping their hair in curlers overnight, what can I say?! We are curls.

Now, to do it all over again tomorrow when I send Neeci and Addy to Parent's Day Out...*sigh*  I also  saw this picture on Facebook this morning and it pretty much summarized all of my thoughts this morning. And may have brought a few tears to my eyes...maybe.  Some happy ones too though.


  1. sweet! Just remember, God intended for them to grow up, so just enjoy the season you're in (not because "it'll be over soon enough" or "before you know it she'll be graduating"), but because God created this special season for EACH of you - He destined for her to turn 5 and start school and make friends and learn how to allow His grace to abound in her life - starting now. Now revel in the freedom! And enjoy the little extra free time you have in the day! ;)

    1. Thank you so much Becky for every word. They're perfectly timed, I needed to hear every one of them tonight. Thank you. :)


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