August 19, 2012

Summer | Photos and Favorites: Day 13

Photo: Neeci: "I Love You"

Sorry I haven't been able to share sooner, my internet has been down at home for almost a week! It is such an inconvenience. =)

Favorite: I have a huge list of blogs I've wanted to search through and explore. So I finally took a few minutes to check out a few of them and thought I'd share some of my favorites with you!  Please feel free to comment and share some of your favorites. 

Amanda Russell.  I have already mentioned her page in an earlier post, but it's worth mentioning again. I find her fitness and nutrition pages so motivating!

Cozi.  I raved about this free online organizing resource before.  Their organizing lists and home/family checklists are some of my favorite.  Sign up (for FREE) before August 31st and get over $100 in Back to School Coupon Savings - including 6 months of free ShopRunner - one of my favorites!!!

Arlington Mama.  I was so honored to be asked to speak at a SAHM's brunch a few weeks ago.  So fun! It was my first time! I got to meet a bunch of awesome ladies, including Annie from Arlington Mama, who also spoke.  I can't wait to dig through her blog some more.  Her projects page is so inspiring!!  She posted about the brunch more here.

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