August 24, 2012

8,000 Words...

Clothing, Backpacks, and Shoes Oh My...Getting Ready for First Days of School!

Meal Plans, Shopping Lists, Researching Food Allergies...Now that Neeci and Addy are Allergic to Dairy and Eggs I am Researching and Finding New Recipes, and Compiling 2 Months of Meal Plans with Shopping Lists. Headache Anyone? =)

Addy with her curly hair. So adorable. Amid all the craziness of FOOD ALLERGIES, SCHOOL, POTTY TRAINING and SUMMER STUFF I'm trying VERY hard to enjoy my little people. It's pretty hard not to...What can I say? My girls rock.

Next on the agenda? Organize! Our closets are running amuck! ;) So, time to channel my inner-nesting and sort through everyone's clothes and our storage closets like I touched up our "craft center." Fall cleaning? Who's with me??!!!  I know, I know...It's not exciting no matter how hard I try. ;)

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