July 11, 2012

Pink. Pink. Pink.

While our home is filled to the brim with all things pink, I'm actually referring to Gateway's women's conference this past April.  I was so excited to pack up my littlest one and head out for a few days away from everyday life to get filled up with Jesus-things! =)

One of my favorite ladies was speaking ... Mrs. Beth Moore!  If you haven't already picked up, by some of my previous ravings, I love this woman.  We had incredible worship at every session, powerful messages to chew on, lots of food and all things girly.  Of course, it wouldn't be Pink without beautiful decorations, sets and gifts.  I should have taken way more pictures, but I was a little busy changing Sadie's exploding diapers and trying to feed her before she interrupted any sessions.  The only things I was afraid of with her accompanying me, was missing out on something because I had to walk (or stroller) her around or having my shirt spit up on.  I never had to use my extra t-shirt but I did get poop on my skirt the first night....and it all worked out okay. =)
I felt so special when they handed each lady a beautiful leather journal, gave us each a necklace with "Blessed" written across (a great reminder of all God did that weekend), and when one of the women I was with bought me a "Pink Impact" t-shirt just for attempting 20 full-style pushups to win a prize (which I didn't - well I guess in a way I did). I loved seeing old friends, catching up over lunch, rooming with one of my girls in the hotel, carpooling adventures....I needed that weekend in more ways than I even realized. So THANK YOU HUBBY for staying home with our other 3 beauties and letting me get out and get filled up a bit!!!  Check out the link above for information on next years conference, and if you can, plan to go!  It's incredible.

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