April 12, 2012

Hello Again...

News footage of some of the Tornado Damage
Well, it's been 3 weeks since my last post, and I'm normally not so neglectful of my baby here (this blog I mean).  But with the holidays, 17 tornadoes touching down all around us here in the Dallas area, and reading through the Hunger Games trilogy...I haven't found much time for writing! Sorry! ;)

Easter Party at our House Pics:
One awesome thing that I have been able to do over this past week is wake up before all my children and workout!  WOO!  It's crazy how much it makes me feel like myself to be able to get up while it's still dark out and peek outside on our fog-filled pasture behind us and get my day started right.  I still haven't been able to get up as early as I'd like (to fit in a full 90-120 minutes to myself), but this is where I'm at and it's more than I could have hoped for with Sadie not even 3 months yet! (Can you feel me beaming as I type?!!)  You probably think I'm crazy for being so excited to sleep less and workout, but that is what helps me feel alive, and more like me!
My two middle babies are turning 4 next week and then a month later turning 2...so hard to believe!  I've just spent two days switching all of our clothes over to spring/summer and packing up the too-small-sizes.  It was an overwhelming feat at first but I dove in and it feels GREAT to have it done.  Plus we all feel like we just went shopping for new clothes...except Kailyn.  Being the oldest does have it's ups and downs...but at least she'll be getting some new summer dresses this year.  ;)
Just I thought I'd give you an update, I promise I'll be back sooner...I have a lot of goodies to share with you!  And just to show you I mean it, I'll leave you with one...

Lovely Lettered Printables by Paper Coterie!  I love these beautiful, FREE, printables.  Click here are a few more I mentioned earlier.

"Wish You Were Here" Printable

"Miss You" Printable

"I Love You" Printable

"You Matter" Printable

"Thank You" Printable

"You Are Beautiful" Printable

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