April 23, 2012

Happy Late Earth Day and All Things Green!

I was so sad when I realized Earth Day had snuck up on me and I wouldn't have enough time to really put together a good bit of deals and freebies for you =(.  I forwarded a few links on Twitter and Facebook of some great Earth day deals on Sunday, so be sure and follow me there if you want more up to date information!

Well this weekend we spent all day Saturday celebrating my 2nd baby's 4th Birthday (more pics coming soon)! It was so much fun and so exhausting!  I guess everything pretty much wipes me out right now.  But I also sang for the second Sunday since last year.  I can't explain how it makes me feel to be able to do what God has made me to do (lead His people into His presence through song).

I have really been focusing on getting healthy and back in shape over the past two weeks, trying to workout 30 minutes at least 4 mornings out of the week and get in a good 30-60 minute workout in the afternoon (and following TIU 2nd Annual "Spring Into Bikini Series" pictured above). The crazy thing is, this seems to take all my free time each day.  I can't say I mind it...I love being able to focus on me for a few minutes each day, but I always feel bad when I know it means I'm neglecting a few other areas in my life.  =) So I have decided to be a little gracious to myself in some areas (such as this here blog), and I hope to get back to 100% involved in all areas of my life within the next few months (once ALL my babies sleep more at night then during the day). ;)

On that note, I thought I'd just let you know in the "Going Green" part of my life I am pretty much still slowly switching things over.  I am buying only organic Apples now and organic Greens (i.e., lettuce, spinach, kale) as much as our budget will allow.  Same with milk.  Since I haven't found as many good deals on organic items locally I am just doing what I can each week.  We haven't really made any progress in the "starting a garden" department but I am planning to tackle small-indoor-potted-herbs soon!  Haha.  Yes even they intimidate me.  But home-grown produce will have to wait a bit longer.  First I need to muster the strength to potty train my almost-2-year old.  Bleh.

As of now, I am working on improving me a bit, in my spare time.  Eating healthy, using natural, kitchen-ingredient beauty treatments (loving my stinky mint-apple cider vinegar hair rinse), working out, and trying to get back into regular one-on-one time with Jesus.  Sometimes I just overwhelm myself and give it all up for a day...but it's all part of who I am so I get back at it the next.  My next goal is to find a peaceful moment in every day to appreciate something small but significant.  Today: I am sitting in my lawn chair outside my house listening to bird calls and cars driving in the distance.  As I type, I smell salt-water and sand.  I guess I haven't thoroughly washed out these chairs since our beach-trip to Galveston.  It's wonderful how one tiny smell can bring back a flood of warm, sunny memories...can't wait for our next vacation.  =)


  1. Sounds like those chairs (and your family) need to make another trip before you bother washing them up!

    On the gardening front - I've started...a little. I bought a tomato plant from Walmart. LOL. But I don't fertilize and for some reason the birds aren't pecking it to death, maybe because there's no trees in my front yard, and therefore, no birds. :)

    OH! And I'm sure you've tried it, but tea tree oil cuts through the vinegar smell pretty well. It's what I use when I clean with the vinegar because that smell is just so darn strong.

    Glad to have you back, even for 1 post!

  2. Making another trip to see you guys sounds wonderful! t's crazy how fast all our kids grow...=)
    Congratulations on your garden!! And that it's still alive! =) You are two steps ahead of me already...haha. I would love to see some tomato-y pictures soon, and yes I will be jealous that you're picking your own tomatoes this summer.
    Thanks for the TTO idea! I hadn't thought of that in the rinse actually. I will have to give that a try next time. So many great properties with TTO as well as a great, strong smell.
    Thanks for reading...even for 1 post. ;) Love you Mama Samweli!!! =)


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