March 1, 2012

Viggle - Watch TV, Earn Rewards! (iOS Devices Only)

I just found out about this Viggle app last week from Hip2Save, I already have 15,000+ points (currently a $10 iTunes gift card is only 14,000 points!!!). If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, download this app and check in during your favorite shows to earn points! It's really that simple.  You don't have to watch the entire show live either.  Sometimes if I'm too busy or about to run out, I check in at the start, do what I need to do and catch the rest of the show on DVR, but still earn my points. Check out their website for more info or Hip2Save's post here! =)

Since sitting and watching TV isn't really the healthiest thing you can do for your body (I always need a little downtime though), here are a few easy ways from Tone It Up to keep your blood pumping while watching TV, sitting in the office or in school!

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