March 8, 2012

Running Playlist 2012

It's time for some new tunes!  I asked for your advice, via twitter and facebook, on some good running songs, and after searching it out a bit here's my new playlist.  I have 6 minutes (first two songs) for walking/warm-up and the last 2 songs (also 6 minutes) for walking/cool-down.  The rest of the 1 hour of music I hope to jam to while I'm on the treadmill or outside.  Let me know if you have any favorites!

Warm-Up (6 min)
Song Title                  Artist/Album
Oh, Happiness                David Crowder/Church Music
Make Some Noise    Krystal Meyers/Make Some Noise

Cardio/Endurance (48 min)
Song Title                  Artist/Album
Now               Fireflight/Now
Letting Go     Stephanie Smith/Single
Movin'     Group 1 Crew/Movin'
Miracles     Newsboys/Born Again
Be The Change     The Desperation Band/Light Up The World
The Nearness     David Crowder/Church Music
Manipulation     Group 1 Crew/Spacebound
My One and Only     Rachael Lampa/All We Need
Gloria     Nico Perez/You, Me, and Him
The Veil     David Crowder/Church Music
Sweet Dreams     Krystal Meyers/Make Some Noise
You Found Me     Israel Houghton/The Power of One
Hand Grenade     Thousand Foot Krutch/The Art of Breaking

Cool-Down (6 min)
Song Title                  Artist/Album
You'll Never Know     Krystal Meyers/Make Some Noise
Feel So Right              Krystal Meyers/Make Some Noise

Here's a little taste...

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