March 7, 2012

My Food Co-op Experience (Bountiful Baskets)

My friend Ashley (or Ash-a-lee as my kids say), mentioned Bountiful Baskets to me a few weeks (or maybe even months) ago.  I finally decided to give it a try to see what I think about it.  Bountiful Baskets is a Food Co-op that is completely Volunteer based which means everyone pitches in and spreads the savings across the board.  I went on Saturday at my local pick up spot and grabbed my box of organic produce priced at only $25 (conventional basket is only $15)!!

Waiting In Line for my Organic Produce!

What a great experience!  The line moved very quickly, everyone was pitching in and helping (it truly is all volunteer!). I'm looking forward to getting more, every other week here at my location!


 Look at all that gorgeous produce!  Yummy!  I got mostly everything I would typically buy (and needed) and a chance to find new recipes for items like Green Chard.  So if you're interested in getting great prices on produce, check out and see if they're in your location!  If they aren't yet consider talking to them about starting and until then check out and for a little more $$ you can have fresh produce delivered to your doorstep!

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