February 22, 2012

The Quantum Cleanse (includes meal ideas)

I decided just a few days ago, after reading an article in Natural Health Magazine, that I was going to start a 3 week cleanse.  Since I'm also nursing a 5 week old, I have to be extra careful and make sure that I stay healthy and balanced, and don't cut out too many calories or just drink juice for 3 weeks. So far, as of day 3, I feel great and never hungry...I can't wait to kick the caffeine and sugar addictions and start feeling more energetic (I'm expecting it'll take 3-7 days for that)!

The Quantum Cleanse (from the magazine) is based on a book by Kathy Freston called The Quantum Wellness Cleanse: the 21-Day Essential Guide to Healing Your Body, Mind and Spirit.  I haven't read the book but the one page article was easy to apply and fun!

Basically you're eating a gluten-free, vegan diet for 3 weeks.  Here are the 5 main points:
  1. Eliminate Sugar and Caffeine - which lead to unstable energy levels
  2. Eliminate Animal products (including meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy) - difficult to process/digest
  3. Eliminate Gluten - causes inflammation
  4. Drink at least 64oz of water a day (herbal tea counts toward this), I would aim for half your body weight in ounces, with a minimum of 64oz.
  5. Make each meal a combination of a whole, gluten-free grain, a low sugar fruit and/or vegetable and a vegan protein. I also aim for 3 small meals and 3 snacks a day.
Some other things recommended to help boost the benefits are:

  1. Try Your Best to Sleep 6-8hrs Every Night! I was happy the first night I got to sleep 5 1/2 hours solid since Sadie was born, and that was just last week (she was over 4 weeks old).  So my plan is to be in bed earlier, hope for the best and try to take power naps during the day.
  2. Exercise. Moving around and working up a little sweet 4-6x a week will help eliminate those toxins.
  3. Soak and De-stress! Massage, yoga, or a hot bath with mineral salts are all great complements to a cleanse.
  4. De-toxify Your Products! This is how I started making healthier changes for our family, getting cleaner makeup, bath, hair and cleaning products, or making them myself!  Search my blog for some ideas and check out your purchases on cosmeticsdatabase.com and see how they rank! 
  5. De-clutter Your Mind. While a clean and organized home feels great (and you may want to throw that in too during your cleanse), a fresh mind is so important.  With four kiddos 5 and under my mind is crazy most of the time.  A few things I NEED to do everyday to stay sane: Quiet time. Whenever I can find it or make time for it I need a few minutes to read my Bible, pray and reflect. Sometimes I may even squeeze in some journaling too.  I also make a list of things I need to do the next day before I fall asleep. Having a list can GUIDE you during the day to make the most of your time.  Don't let it GUILT you if you can't get it all done.  Prioritize each list and brush the bottom items off to the next day if you need to!  Also, keeping a calendar is a must for me. I like to know what next month looks like even from 4 weeks away.  It helps me plan our busy life ... times 6.

If you're interested in trying this out yourself, here is a link to the full shopping list of items you can buy and enjoy and create a meal plan from (skip the first list, and go to the bottom of the page).  Here are two recipes recommended by Natural Health.  And I use a FREE online family calendar (with smart phone apps) called Cozi to make my meal plans!  Here is my 2 week meal plan, my food is listed first/then my family's.


  1. Why are all my friends talking about cleanses and marathons? I'll feel good if I just go check out my products on the cosmetics database you posted about. :) I hope you enjoy feeling better.

    1. Haha! I thought I'd wait and skip the "new year" craze. ;) You'll get addicted to cosmetics database! I check everything out on there now. They don't carry EVERY product in their database but TONS!


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