January 16, 2012

Freezer Stock Up Recipes!

Well we are in that season again, stocking up on freezable meals for the family that will make life so much easier for me once this fourth little one arrives!  I posted last pregnancy about some of my favorite recipes and freezing tips, and here are a few more to add to the list:

*Number ONE freezing tip, freeze individual items for an hour or so on a plate or sheet before dumping into a bag, that way they stay easy to grab and don't freeze into one huge chunk.  Here are a whole lot more...

Mini Muffins 
Choose your favorite muffin recipe, bake in regular or mini size and freeze!

Frozen French Toast or Pancakes
Whether homemade or not, cook up a bunch of extras one morning and freeze the leftovers for a quick morning breakfast.  Heat in the microwave or toaster, and make it fun for kids by cutting the french toast into sticks or shapes.

Easy to make two one night, eat one for lunch or dinner and freeze the second one!

Enchiladas Recipe
I love that you can take any basic recipe and make it what you want!  We've tried cheese and chicken enchiladas, you can go as healthy as you want, or not!  Enjoy finding what your family likes best (these freeze really well also)!

Pot Pie Recipe
These are on the menu this week, haven't tried them yet but planning to make a double batch and freeze half for later.  Again, you can choose the types of ingredients you use to make this extra healthy if you want!

Soups, Stews and Chili
Whatever you like most, make some extra and freeze in individual bowls for a quick and easy lunch, snack or dinner.  Serve with cornbread, rolls, salad...you get the idea!

Stir-fry and Rice
I love taking leftover stir-fry veggies and meat and freezing them for an easy dinner later.  Rice can freeze as well!

Homemade Turkey (or Meat) Balls Recipe
This recipe is also on my menu this week.  It looks so good, I'll just trade the ground beef for ground turkey.  I'd love to try with her meal suggestion or over whole wheat pasta or as an appetizer!

Here are some more recipes to check out!

Steam-able Frozen Veggies are super handy to have around and I also made up some extra cookie dough during the holidays and froze for easy desserts later on!  Have any good ideas or recipes? I'd LOVE to hear em!!!

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