September 27, 2011

Five Years and Butterflies

 My oldest baby turned 5 yesterday and so we had a Butterfly celebration!

Homemade butterflies adorned our windows and doors

Everyone is in the party mood!

Showing a little love...

"I can hardly see you over that huge belly!"

Family and friends writing and drawing on Kailyn's birthday table 

A Butterfly/Caterpillar cupcake cake!

The boys were definitely finding their "inner caterpillars"

While us girls got in touch with our beautiful butterfly-selves.  (okay, we all wore just wore cute pins)

 Time for food!

Time for presents!

You can't leave out little sisters...they got a gift or two.

Finally got what she's "always wanted," a unicorn pillow pet!  So worth that face.

Getting bigger right before my eyes these days...

Addy's little pillow pet is bigger than her!

Can't forget the cake...

Another wonderful year ahead...=)

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  1. I loved all the pics so much...such a great day!!!!! Our butterfly princess is growing up before our eyes.


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