September 19, 2011

The Beginning...Preschool!

We are about to embark in a new territory in the Mantooth household...homeschooling!  We decided to homeschool pre-k and we plan to send our oldest to Kindergarden next year.  She has already mastered her numbers 1-10 and ABCs (upper and lower case), so we're moving onto phonics, beginning math, and writing.  My younger preschooler will be starting on her ABCs and numbers.

Since I'm working with two of my kiddos at the same time I realized I needed to be REALLY prepared before the school year starts for us.  We chose to start after our vacation (last week, vlog coming soon!), and I am due the end of January so we are going to focus during these few months on what we want to learn this year and then play it by ear after baby number 4 arrives.

First I decided to have a "Letter of the Day." We'll work on letter recognition and letter sounds for each of my girls.  I also went through the material I already have (workbooks, etc) and decided on something different to work on each day (different for both girls), whether writing, learning more numbers or math, etc.

My goal is start out with a Bible story/lesson each morning (or read a little from one story each day for a week), and eventually I'd love to incorporate the spanish alphabet and some sign language (something to work on after the newest addition arrives).

But what I'm really excited to share with all of you are some of the great, FREE resources I've found online that include learning and fun (for 3-6 year olds).  So if you are looking for some creative ways to re-enforce the skills their learning or just something besides TV to entertain, check out some of these links:

Numbers, Shapes and Math Skills:
IXL Pre-K Math Online Practice (you have a limited amount of time each day, like a free trial, but renews daily)
NickJr. Numbers and Shapes Games
Number Game - For younger children

Letters and Reading:
Learn to Read - is FULL of great letter/reading tools for all ages!
ABC - Letters and Sounds -
ABC Letter Printouts -
Phonics Game - Fisher-Price.
NickJr. Letter and Spelling Games
Teaching the Alphabet Game IDEAS - Ideas for you to do with your child.

Bible Pre-K Themed Material (and other themes as well)
Preschool Express - Cool ideas, calendars, etc.

Crafts (ideas and printables):
Family Fun - A longtime favorite of mine (great for finding homemade gift ideas)
Checklists and More - Helping parents stay organized and kids have fun
Lets Explore - Blog full of ideas and activities

Learning Games:
Make a Calendar
Valentines Game
Pumpkin Game
Turkey Game
Snowman Game
Earth Day Game
Preschool Learning Games (including spanish alphabet!)
Language and Learning Games
Grocery Store Bingo - Printable
Tons of Pre-K Games -


  1. Enjoy the Moments...I am so thankful you are the mother of my grandgirls. I love you.

  2. So if you are looking for some creative ways to re-enforce the skills their learning or just something besides TV to entertain,

  3. starfall is one of my child favorite..

  4. NickJr. Numbers and Shapes Games is beloved by my daughter..


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