August 15, 2011

Baby Bump

I can't believe we are 17 weeks along already...whoa.
And here is my very first baby bump picture!

I am excited that we are finally past the tough part and starting to feeling the baby really bump!  Definitely a different pregnancy ... something about four babies so close together makes me show a lot sooner!  But I'm really starting to enjoy all the experiences that happen in these 9 months.

I am finally finding enough energy to keep up with the daily tasks and have a little leftover for myself too.  Focusing on being the healthiest I've ever been pregnant!  I'll share some of my workouts with you soon!

(House pictures coming THIS week!)


  1. My Addy will be welcoming a sibling sometime in March. I hope you guys are doing well. Any ideas as to what you are having, yet?

  2. Congrats (again) and yes, we found out we are having another girl. Pretty crazy! Four girls...DJ is so very outnumbered. =)


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