August 29, 2011

Free Collapsible Water Bottle + More FREE Deals *Expiring Soon*

I haven't posted many deals as of late, but this past week has been full of some good ones!  So here is a list of steals to check out (some expire in just 2 days!!!):

Check out's deal of the day because when you sign up using this link you get a $10 credit which will make this free for you with $5 leftover for future saves!  Free shipping is included in the deal, even better!!  

I heard of awhile back and their mini-cards, but never actually ordered anything from them.  I have heard rave reviews about this company and their business cards.  They are giving away 10 business cards (completely customizable), shipped to your door at NO COST to you.  I just ordered some "mom cards" with my number, social networking and blog information.  I can't wait to see them in my mailbox (about 2 weeks with the free shipping).

Target FREE Beauty Bag (again!)
Go HERE to get the free beauty bag sampler while supplies last!!!  I got one of these last time, they had some awesome full-size travel products and a huge booklet of coupons! FREE Shipping (*Until 8-31)
I mentioned this great clothing website awhile back and I love their style of clothing.  If you're interested in buying a few things for the new school year (or just because) use code B2SFREE when checking out for FREE shipping, only until the end of August! Hurry!

100 FREE Prints! (*Until 8-31) is offering 100 FREE 4x6 prints when you share your photo album.  Upload your 100 photos and share them with 5 friends, then get them printed for free!  Click on this link to signup!  Here is what the email stated:
Before the sunny season ends, share your photos with family and friends and get 100 4" x 6" prints FREE!*
1. Select the albums you'd like to share and click the "Share" button.2. Select "share with an email" to send the albums to five or more different    people by Labor Day, September 5.3. You'll receive an email by September 15 explaining how to get your 100 free prints. is also offering 101 FREE prints, only until August 31st!  Enter this code at checkout for your free prints: XRC0-0W4S-MFGZ-1SD6RD.

$40 Off Code for Paper Coterie = FREE Products (Ends 8-31) - check out this great deal!

Let me know if you try out any of these deals and what you think!

August 24, 2011

Favorite Prenatal Exercises and More!

Exercise and healthy eating can seem hard to do, and so much harder when you're pregnant.  I have been craving dark chocolate like a mad woman (and haven't given in eeeeevery time!).  But this is one of the best times to change habits for the healthier and start of your child's life right!

Prenatal Fitness
I TRY to workout at least 3 times a week, I find that if I wait until later in the day I am too tired to attempt a workout of any sort.  I am still pretty exhausted this time around, even in the second trimester, so I haven't been setting my alarm to get up before the girls, which is why it's a bit hit-and-miss right now.  But when I do workout I love these (short and free) youtube videos.  Yoga and weight training: My YouTube Prenatal Playlist.  I also try and walk either on the the treadmill or in the evenings with a friend.  Strengthening your core, back, legs (and arms for carrying your little one) can really help with 3rd trimester discomfort, labor and recovery.

Prenatal Eating
I know I'm a bit weird, but I actually LOVE eating healthy foods.  I love finding healthy recipes for ice cream (Banana Ice Cream), or cookies (Raw Almond Bars or Baked Wonton Cookies) and sometimes just taking a normal recipe and switching some of the ingredients out for healthier alternatives.  I really enjoy smoothies (PB Chocolate or Green Delicious Smoothie), because they are a great way to get extra vitamins, protein, etc., and still taste great!
My biggest push for myself right now is NO SODA (here are a few healthy alternatives), limited sugar (Stevia, Truvia or Agave are great substitutes), and snacking on as much raw food as possible (aka Fruits and Veggies)!!  Lastly, drink water!  I am trying to drink half of my body weight in water every day (example: 130lbs = 65oz of water).  Here are some fun ideas I posted earlier for healthy snacks and making your water a little more enjoyable.

Some of my favorite Fitness and Nutrition Links

Remember, it's important to take care of yourself and one of the most important ways to do that is to REST! Always follow your doctors orders, take your vitamins, get a little fresh air each day and only do what feels comfortable to your growing and changing body.  And for all those women like me who really miss your waist line and sometimes don't find your new body "glowing" and "sexy," remember -you are wonderfully made.  Read this or watch this if you need a little reminder.

August 21, 2011

This is My House

Here are some very overdue pictures of our house!!
*Please excuse my amateur photography skills and kinda grainy pictures, these were all taken on my iPhone. =)




Before (Fireplace, Main Seating) 
Before (Front Door)
Before (Hallway Nook)
After (Fireplace)
After (Main Seating) 
After (Front Door)
After (Hallway Nook)


Hall Bath
Before (Shower)
Before (Vanity)
After (Shower)
After (Vanity)

Guest Suite
Before (Garage)
After (Guest Room)
After (Guest Bath 1 of 2)
After (2 of 2)

Laundry Room
After (Before was Garage)



Girls Room

Master Bath
Before (Shower) 
Before (Toilet)
Before (Vanity, Holding 1st House Keys!!!) 
After (Shower)
After (Toilet Closet and Bath)

After (Vanity)
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