July 12, 2011

Food Sounds Good Again!

Wow, I have such an array of emotions I'm not even sure which ones to hit...I'm sure some of that is pregnancy hormones kicking in...and just maybe I've always been a bit emotional.
I'll be honest (quickly), I've been almost fearful to write because I haven't been (or at least felt) like myself for the past two months, since we found out we are pregnant.  I had no motivation to keep house or children clean (luckily I had so many beautiful people offering their help); no desire to eat anything healthy (embarrassing); I haven't touched a workout video, running shoes or yoga mat in months; and I ... haven't had but maybe 2 solid quiet times with my Best Friend (caps because I'm talking about Jesus)... ugh!  I don't even like typing that.
I can go into all the reasons, excuses, emotions and thoughts behind these changes - but honestly I will drone on long and depressing.  SO!  Instead I am picking the "light at the end of the tunnel" emotion to write from.

Sunday I walked through Red Lobster - giddy at the smell of fish and more than excited to sit down and order.  This is a miracle!  I have had about 9 days of almost feeling completely myself, actually getting caught up on laundry, planning a few get togethers, and not gagging at the thought of food.  YAY!  I am pretty sure that I'm nearly through that roughest part and we're not even 13 weeks yet!  This is God being so gracious to me...I haven't been nearly as bad as the previous three babies but I've still had so many struggles through some of my own barriers (expecting the worst, and still trying to figure out how to be a mom of four and stay excited about some of my passions).  I know that He hears our prayers (even through tears).

Okay, but even crazier than seafood making me happy...I have become almost obsessed with the food network.  What!?  Who am I?  I have NEVER liked watching cooking shows, and now I've even got my girls crazed about them.  They chose "Barefoot Contessa" over "Yo Gabba Gabba" before naps today....???!
However, though I have found these shows to be very inspiring (and make me want to zest a lemon!), I actually want my family eating healthier than all those cream-filled, bacon-wrapped, fatty, heavy dishes.  So I found some GREAT healthy recipes and since I'm so excited about food right now (and about to get off my bottom and move around!) I'll share some of my favorites with you:

Low Calorie Crustless Quiche from She-Fit.com
I haven't actually tried any of these recipes yet but I cannot WAIT!  I just ate a beautiful Spinach Quiche for breakfast with my mom on Saturday and l-o-v-e-d it. This will be a great dinner too, and much healthier.

Flax-Encrusted Sweet Potato Balls from Healthy Tipping Point
This is great because I love all of these ingredients and it's just a fun new way to eat up all these foods I like, that are healthy for you and I usually have on hand!

Breakfast Roll-Up from Healthy Tipping Point
I would probably make a few small changes to this recipe to make it even lower in calories: substitute 1 egg for just egg whites; and replace sugar with stevia.  Yum, can't wait to try - I always have these ingredients on hand too!

Pumpkin Yogurt from Healthy Tipping Point
YUM! This would make an amazing snack, especially when fall comes around!

So for now, I am trying to drink more WATER...getting back up to half my weight (ex. 150 lbs = 75 oz Water daily).  I still am having a hard time drinking lots of tasteless water, so I have been adding frozen strawberries or squeeze of lemon (you can try cucumber too).  That's helping a little bit!

I am trying to get back some strength with prenatal yoga (I've just been searching youtube) and walking (except that it's literally 100 degrees outside, so yah).  =)  I am excited to get back into the swing of things, especially in my quiet times and monthly focuses here at Gracious Green Woman.  I'll leave you with this little daily quote that almost made me tear up (oh wait, is that onion juice from all the cooking shows or maybe hormones...?)
"Don’t let the future steal the present.  Enjoy what you’ve got right now.  Find something to love about your too-tiny apartment, your current running pace, your body, your family, your job.  Even if it’s something small, embrace it.  It’s possible to keep your eyes on the future and your heart in the present." - Caitlyn Boyle


  1. Argh! I just left a super-long comment and my dumb internet didn't complete sending it...so let me try again!

  2. Okay, I'm trying again (let me see if I can get back into groove I had when I wrote the first time)...

    I know how you feel...except I'm not pregnant, and it hasn't been like this for 2 months (you've got me beat there). Samuel's been weaning down on his night feedings which is great for sleep, but crazy for my hormones. I cry about EVERYTHING...including pretty much every single episode of anything I watch on tv, even the nightly newscast.

    Okay...now my son woke up so I can't type anymore. Love you!

  3. haha! i hate when that happens! thanks for taking a few minutes to re-write. what's funny is just before i read your comment i finished a tiny cry about NOTHING. just felt overwhelmed. cried. felt better. and back to the regularly scheduled program. wow...mainly i just feel for DJ, he has so many more years to not get us women! =)


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