June 29, 2011

Number 4

Our trip to Colorado last week, beautiful!

Well, I am truly embarrassed at my silence over the past few months.  I usually try really hard to keep everything fresh and current on my blog, but I kind of have a good excuse.  If any of you have been keeping up with me on facebook you know what's up, for everyone else...we are pregnant.
This is Number 4.  Completely unplanned and surprising since we were not even close to talking about any more babies.  Even though I am past the shock part, I'm still kind of trying to wrap my head around this.  Four kids under 5?!  In almost six years of marriage I've been pregnant or nursing for 4 and a half years of it...
Usually my first trimester consists of me throwing up from 6 to 8 weeks pregnant until 13 or 14 weeks, when I hit my 2nd trimester.  I have been hospitalized with my first and third babies because I just couldn't keep down any food or drink.  Well, this time has been very different (fingers crossed that means this one will be our boy).  I have had good days and bad days (whoa! is this what normal pregnancies are like?), no hospitalization needed and we are 11 weeks this Saturday!  So by the end of July I should be back to life as I knew it, with some energy and drive to get things finished around this house (maybe show you some pictures finally?) and blogging more regularly!
I am more excited now, but I've still been sad about giving up some of my personal goals for another year or two.  I really plan to stay healthy, and blog, and journal, and dream all during this pregnancy...but life does change a bit for a while, and I know it'll be a while longer before I can get back to all my personal dreams.  So until then I plan to (try my best to) live each day with no regrets and enjoy this little dream growing inside of me (along with my other 3: Kailyn, Neeci, and Adalyn). =)
Here are a few pictures of life while I was out...

Addy turned 1 May 17!

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