May 9, 2011

"I Know What's Causing That" & BIG NEWS!

It's good enough to mention again.  Here is a great article written by a good friend of mine, Zach Neese, on parenting.  I know we've been blessed as the recipients to celebrate Mother's Day this month, but I also want to focus a little bit on mothering as well.  So enjoy reading, or re-reading this great article, "I know what's causing that."

Also, Big News....We are moving into our new house this week!  So I will be mostly unpacking and organizing our life into our first "real" home all week!  I can't wait to share the before and after pics with you next week!  But here is one Sneak Peak of our Kitchen (my husband and his crew are truly amazing at what they do)!

BEFORE Kitchen

BEFORE Kitchen 2


Ooo La La!  More to come....

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