May 21, 2011

Brief Update

Well, it's been a busy week of unpacking, cleaning, and doing that over and over.  I think it's funny that I'm focusing on Mothering this month since it's been a great test during this transition in our life, to be patient and gracious and not consumed with the move.  I was happy to have a tea party this afternoon with my little girls and mom and sis-in-law.  =)  
I realized during this move I forgot all about SSMT on the 15th.  So I am skipping this two week new verse and I'm going to try and just review the previous 9 memory verses.  Did you pick a new verse?
Sorry I haven't posted before and after pics...I completely forgot to snap some before we loaded down the house with boxes.  So hopefully I'll be done unpacking and organizing by the middle-end of next week and I can get you some pretty pictures!!  
Thanks for being excited with us as we make some pretty big transitions, and patient with my blogging for the next few weeks!  

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