April 18, 2011


So Easter weekend is coming up ... if you didn't see the cool Twitter-version of the Easter story, check it out here.  There are lots of deals everywhere focusing on candy and baskets full of goodies (which are all fun and even more with three little girls in your life), but I want to make sure I also take the time to tell my children why we REALLY celebrate "Easter."  I don't think they should only hear about Jesus' death and resurrection in Sunday school.  So take a few minutes this week to reflect, receive, share and celebrate the sacrifice Jesus made for you and me.  John 3:16-17

This month is all about REST for me.  I am trying my best to really rest spiritually and get enough rest physically to stay healthy inside and out.  It has been quite a battle this past week!  We have had two trips to the doctors and one to the emergency room between just two of my girls.  REALLY horrible nights sleep makes for pretty lame morning quiet times and long days.  It is an actual battle right now.  BUT!  I'm hoping this next week will be much more "normal" and a little easier to focus on a subject that is already so difficult to apply in our busy lives!  I'll let you know how that goes.  How are you doing?  Finding even small restful moments throughout your day?  Sometimes we don't find them, and we have to really purposefully make them!

Go have a GREAT week!!

PS. I am taking a break from electronics tomorrow (Tuesday) this week, instead of Monday. =)  Just in case you were wondering and going to hold me accountable (which I love)!

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