April 21, 2011

Earth Day Deals!

Free Tree at Lowes on April 23rd!

FREE Starbucks coffee or tea on Earth Day (4-22-11)! Bring in your own reusable mug or purchase one of their's at 20% off!

Origins April 22 - Trade in your current skincare for a FREE Origins Face Wash (select from 2 options)!  While you're headed there you might as well schedule a FREE mini facial!

Free Reusable Bag from the Disney Store on April 22, when you bring in 5 plastic bags!

Zoya Nail Polish Exchange!!! April 20-27 only, send in your new and used bottles of nail polish and receive a bottle of Zoya nail polish (non-toxic formula!).  Check out the link for all the details.

EcoTools is doing their exchange again as well!  Follow the link for more information.  Their page doesn't have any info about the mail in option yet, but this is what they stated on their facebook page:
"Choose To Live Beautifully! Mail in your new or used beauty item. In return for your donated product you will receive a coupon for a complimentary EcoTools product."

On a side note, we're celebrating my middle baby's birthday this weekend!  She'll be three years old!!!  I'm sure I'll post a picture or two later. ;)  "Happy Birthday Neeci!!!"

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