April 8, 2011

Earth Day: April 22, Free Starbucks + More!

Wow! It's already been a year since the LAST Earth day.  Ok, well it's kind of new to me, last year was the first time I'd heard of it, and pretty late at that, so I didn't have much time to prepare.
This year Earth Day is on the day we will be celebrating my middle child's birthday! And on the busy and beautiful Easter weekend!  A lot going on ... but I wanted to plan it out a little better this time and make something special the week of Earth Day.

First, if you take a reusable travel mug into Starbucks on April 22 you will get a free coffee or tea! Very cool.

Second, Grab a free reusable grocery bag from Target on Sunday, April 17!!  Looks cute too!

Planting a tree is the first thought that comes to mind when I think of "Earth Day," and it just so happens that we just bought 3 acres of land and are about to move in!  So I want to take the girls out in the yard and plant a nice tree somewhere out there.  It'll be a great memory-making event I think.

I've already been in the process of "cleaning" my body, home and family by "greening" our products, food and home.  But for those of you just getting started here are some great tips to begin with and here are some more of my favorites!  For those of you like me, who are needing another step, I think these are a few great ways to WASTE LESS (please share some of your own):

3.  Compost your banana peelings and these other items (some of which are pretty crazy) to use in your organic GARDEN (another great way to "green" and save $$!)

4.  Herbs in a Can - Fun project to do with kids!!  Also a great way to recycle and take a small step to start gardening.

Keep your eyes peeled for sales, specials and coupons on cleaner foods and products all month long!!

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