April 29, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers...and Birthdays!

Another month is coming to an end!  We are now 1/3 of the way through 2011.  What?!  Let's try this again... Another month is about to begin!  May is coming and that means we still have 2/3 of the year 2011 ahead of us! 
No matter how I look at it, April has been an incredible month!  Lots going on with our new home getting ready to be moved in; Earth day; Easter; my middle baby turning 3; 8 weeks into my own personal health journey...that I haven't mentioned to many people (12 week challenge - and I'm only 2lbs from my goal weight!!!).

I've also been trying to focus on RESTING this month.  By giving my computer a break once a week and following these 4 steps, I have been trying to rest spiritually, mentally and physically.  That is REALLY hard to do in our busy lives these days, but I could say that these last 3 weeks have been even crazier than normal (does this just keep happening, life gets wound tighter and tighter as the years pass until normal isn't even recognizable?)...whether that is the case or not, I know that I have to lean into Jesus to really experience rest right now...so even though May means something new to focus on, I am still going to try and keep all the things I've learned this month areas of focus in my life.  Thanks for learning with me!

I thought a great way to send off the month of April is with some bright pictures of celebration!  So here I am going to show off, I mean show you the fun we had with our middle daughter, Neeci for her 3rd birthday...

Started off birthday celebrations with two little girl makeovers at Sweet & Sassy (and got a great price through a Groupon daily deal)!

Nails and makeup - Check! (It was crazy seeing my babies with eye shadow on!)

Neeci getting her hair done!

Little Ballerina.

Kailyn's Pop Star Princess Look!

Now off to the Fashion Show Cat Walk....

A quick look at the Fashion Show, Live:

Then we celebrated the Birthday Girl at my parents house, with family and friends, Tacos, Candy, Presents and my first cupcake Cake:


(And a few Easter Egg Hunt shots too)

I hope you all had a wonderful April and let's look forward to a great May!!!

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  1. What beautiful pictures! Good for you on your 12 week challenge! I've started something along those same lines and I'm down 5 pounds! I have a ways to go, but your motivation has been SO helpful!


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