March 9, 2011

Shopping Savings

I was sooo pumped about some of my recent coupon-ing deals that I had to share them with you.  It's  always exciting to see what other people find for a good price.
I hit Target, Walgreens, CVS and Krogers and bought all of these things.....

for only .... *drum roll please* .... $16.91!!!!

Once I totaled it all up and took this picture I actually thought it was worth staying out until 10:30pm shopping (alone!).

Here's a list of the items pictured:
Charmin 12 double roll Toilet Paper: $2.24 @ Kroger
2 Vitamin C bottles (B1G1 Free Sale): $1.50 each @ Kroger
"Jeggings" (Jean Leggings): FREE @ Target (with mobile coupons, they scan it right from your phone)
4 Pure Protein bars: $.97 @ Walgreens (with 3 coupons, should have been $.49 but I had SO MUCH trouble with coupons last night I didn't want to push it)
Old Spice Body Wash: FREE @ Kroger (with Buy One Deodorant Get One Wash Free)
Physicians Formula Mascara and Concealer: Less than $1 each @ Target (with $1 + $5 coupons)
Earth's Best Elmo Cookies: 2 boxes at $.88 each + $1.50/2 coupon = $.13 each @ Target
Kashi TLC cereal bars: $1.73 w/ coupon @ Target
Colgate Toothpaste: $.49
4 Shout Travel Wipes: FREE @ Target (I had SO much trouble at the first Target, it was my worst coupon experience EVER.  But, you guessed it, I went to another one and used the coupons no problem at all...crazy)
Pampers Wipes: $.19 @ Krogers with eCoupons (loaded onto card)
Orbit Gum: FREE @ CVS with free coupon mentioned here
Oral B Manual Toothbrush: $1.50 @ Kroger (with coupons)
Tampax Pearl: $.39 @ Kroger (should have been free, because they ALWAYS mix Kroger coupons with manufacturers, but AGAIN, they didn't last night and I was tired of pushing it)
Old Spice Deodorant: $3.00/2 (with coupon & sale) and $2.13 for the one used to get the FREE Body Wash (with eCoupon).
PLUS I had a -$.50 bonus coupon from CellFire taken off total purchase @ Kroger
TOTAL: $16.91

WHEW!  I don't even like shopping that much....but that was fun (after it was all over).  =)  I would LOVE to hear about any good deals you're finding around you, feel free to share and we will all be excited with you (and maybe even be able to snag some of those deals ourselves)!!!

PS.  Not all of the items are actually very green, but I did find a few things (Pampers Sensitive, Earth's Best Organic Crackers, Old Spice Showtime Wash...).  I always try and check my makeup/lotion/body wash coupons with before I even head to the store and write down the healthier items I might like on the back of the coupon, so I don't end up buying something that's only filling my body with toxic chemicals (not worth it, even if the product is free).


  1. Go online green shopping. Find some cool recycled bags, handmade jewelry and eco apparel @

  2. Thanks for the tip Naina! I have never shopped there, but I'll check it out!


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