February 7, 2011

Valentine's Day Ideas | Eat Right Week 2

This is the second of four weeks implementing small changes in what we eat to make us healthier!  Last week you tried to eat a salad with your dinner and fruit 3 times a day!  Congratulations for starting!  I hope you will try and continue those new habits from now on in your life.  I am not a HUGE salad lover, so I am also trying to make a green/fruit smoothie in the morning to help get in extra helpings!

Eat Right Week 2: Drink More Water!  And Eat More Veggies - the more colors, the more variety of nutrients.

Your Action Plan: Increase the amount of vegetables you eat, in addition to your daily salad:
  • Have plenty of raw vegetables with healthy home-made or store-bought salad dressings or dips (e.g. hummus, salsa, etc.), before lunch and dinner.
  • Easy way to add vegetables: Add frozen vegetables (e.g. spinach) to any low-sodium store bought soup.
  • Have a steamed green vegetable at dinner and add variety with non-green vegetable options: eggplant, peppers, onions and mushrooms.* From the Eat Right America website.
  • Try to drink a full 8-10oz glass of water when you first wake up, before breakfast.  Fill up a 32oz bottle and take it with you EVERYWHERE!  Try and drink 2-3 of those bottles, work up to it if you have to.  Then sleep with a glass by your bed.
  • As a rule, for every glass of non-H2O drink, add another glass of water to your day.
Enjoy your salads, veggies, fruit and water and be excited to feel healthy on the inside and out!  Go here to sign up and start getting emails with more details, meal plans and recipes for all of these steps and more!

Valentine's Day Ideas
Valentine's day is just a week away!  I love getting crafty with little cards and gifts, but also creative with my toddlers!  So here are a few places I enjoy getting ideas to celebrate this Valentine's day:

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