January 6, 2011

A New Year... A New You...

I feel like I see that phrase everywhere this time of year, "A New Year...A New You!"  What's wrong with the old me?  It seems we are always trying to "trade in" for a newer model: shinier hair, brighter teeth, tighter skin...  I say lets learn to love the "old me" and enjoy the journey to being the best stewards we can with what we've got!!
The New Year is the perfect time to get excited about your dreams, goals, health, habits...pretty much a chance to "start over," and turn a new leaf.  Well, the truth is, all the resolutions and goals are fine (see some of thoughts on that), but without accountability we can quickly fall off course.
Over time I've come to realize that if I don't keep my goals written down and in plain sight, I get distracted and easily become unmotivated.  This doesn't just apply to fitness; things can get so out of control when I'm not staying focused - whether it be spiritually, financially, physically, etc.  I get distracted so quickly with budgets, workout and meal plans, gardening, crafts, reading, cooking, even in quite times with Jesus... pretty much I need a little boost of enthusiasm and redirection in every area of my life at times.  So when a new fashion magazine comes in the mail, I get excited to try a new wardrobe combo or hairstyle.  A new journal or bible study (esp. Beth Moore) can get me pumped up in studying the Word!  I have to work a little bit at staying excited with nutrition and exercise, new workout videos or a new outfit to run in can help.  Reading up on health books and trying new recipes.  All of those things can keep the "goal set before you" and help you stay excited on the journey.
I was reading in The Body Fat Solution by Tom Venuto and found a couple principles that really help me stay excited about my health and some that can be integrated into other areas of life too!  Just thought I'd share some BALANCED and POSITIVE thoughts about our bodies during this time of the year, when "everyone" is wanting new ones!

"Conflict: I have no time.
Solution: You have all the time there is - twenty-four hours a day - the same amount as Bill Gates...It's not that you don't have enough time, you simply haven't chosen your priorities or put them in the proper order yet.
Conflict: I have to give up all the foods I love.
Solution: Where did you get that idea? You can eat chocolate, ice cream, pizza, or whatever else you want as long as you eat those foods infrequently and in small amounts. The only thing you have to give up is eating more calories than you need.
Conflict: I'll never lose weight because of my genetics.
Solution: Genetics do not stop you from losing weight unless a genetic predisposition meets a sedentary lifestyle and unsupportive environment. You simply haven't made all the necessary improvements to your environment and lifestyle yet.
Conflict: Life is too short to be in the gym all the time.
Solution: Your life will be really short if you don't take care of your health. Who said you had to be in the gym all the time? Maybe you just haven't learned how to train in a time-efficient manner yet. You can save time by training at home.
Conflict: I have to take care of others first.
Solution: You can take care of yourself and others, it's not an either/or situation. And if you don't take care of yourself first, you can't take care of others.
Conflict: If I go on a diet I'll never be able to eat at restaurants.
Solution: Never? That's ridiculous.  If you choose, you can eat healthy in almost any restaurant. You simply need to make good choices and keep the portions small.
Conflict: It's impossible for me to start a workout program now because I have a bad (insert your excuse: knee, shoulder, back, etc.).
Solution: Impossible or just a bit more challenging? Having an injury doesn't mean you can't do anything, it means that you'll need to work around it and focus on what you can do.  Besides, even if you were laid up in bed, you can still get leaner and healthier by improving your nutrition." - Tom Venuto, Body Fat Solution
I like to keep scriptures, motivational pictures and inspirational quotes or sayings posted around the house.  I have a print out of my short and long term goals taped up on the inside of my pantry door.  Using the computer screen saver can help too!  Whatever it takes to stay excited about getting healthy (not just physically)!  What are you doing to stay focused and excited about your PASSIONS?

"...whenever that negative internal voice spouts off inside your head, you can interrupt that inner critic and challenge those old ways of thinking." - Tom Venuto

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