January 5, 2011

Happy New Year | With a Side of Goodies (The Calorie-Free Kind)!!!

Well here we are, day five of the new year 2011!  I am actually kind of relieved that the holidays have passed this year, so hopefully life can slow down a little bit and feel more "normal" (though I highly doubt that will happen)!  I am not a resolution-making kind of girl, because I've realized that when I tell myself I have to do something I usually have a harder time doing it (I'm sure some psychiatrist out there knows why).  If I did make resolutions my list would be miles long: have a deep quiet time everyday; pray for ... well everything each day; lose those 5-10 pounds I've never been able to shake (which translates: workout 5-6x a week and eat HEALTHY); practice guitar everyday; blog at least once a week; start/pickup-where-I-left-off/finish my book; be creative often and write some more worship; play with my girls each day doing fun baking and crafting activities.......I could literally go one for hours in my "dream resolutions list."  But, even though I won't say I have to accomplish these things I am challenging myself to do as many of them as I can in these next 12 months.  I started already, woke up at 5:30, had a beautiful 1+ hour quiet time and worked out, showered, even put on some makeup before the kiddos were up!!!  I'm a little sleepy as I write this, but hopefully I can get to bed at a decent time and hit it again tomorrow!
I pray that your end of the year and kick off to this new one was great!!!

If you've stayed with me this far you will get to partake in some of these fun treats:


  • www.NoiseTrade.com - You can download free music from tons of artists, some are even full CDs and donate if you'd like.
  • RecycleBank, click here those of you who don't know what it is.  If you "Like" them on Facebook and leave a comment (this week is about recycling) you are entered to win one of 5 weekly drawings for 2011 RecycleBank points (can be used to get coupons for Coke, Sprouts Farmers Market, lots of Organic products...etc.)!  Check them out!
  • DisneyRewards Program. Try out these codes for some possible points to get you started: FM39V03SSW, FPSNN83JX9, 9FTMRYWEK (50 pts!), 9EKSMN38SH (50 pts!), cool (50 pts!), Fill out your profile for an additional 25 pts, and try not to enter more than 10 codes a day (they may freeze your account)!  ENJOY the Disney Rewards!!
  • If you have an iPhone (or maybe works on any app-phone), and you downloaded KickBucks (click here for my previous article), they currently have an electronic coupon for 1 free 2-liter of Dr. Pepper at Target.  I have only had this app a few months and have already accumulated enough points for a free $5 Target card! 
  • Also for iPhone-users, if you download Sephora's new app you can take your phone into the store and supposedly get a free iPhone cover!  I haven't tried yet, but you can go to this site to see where I found out.

Not for the faint-of-heart or Faith:

  • www.EpicBeauty.org - Ministring to women that are employed in the adult entertainment industry by giving them Baskets of Love filled with essentials to encourage these women that someone does care.
  • www.climb4freedom.org - A video for the strong-hearted only.  A group of women's challenge to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for Human Trafficking Awareness through the A21 Campaign.
  • www.wonderfullymade.org'sEncouraging blog on Weight-Loss Resolutions
  • An adorable 4 year old knows how to affirm herself, we could take a few notes: 


  1. You just inspired me! I realize I have no idea when I get home from work/I'm too tired to work out and have been debating getting up even earlier than 6am to add a workout in. I've been having a precious time with the Lord every morning too, now if I can get up a half an hour earlier to work out....

  2. I'm sure if you're already used to waking up early, an extra 30 minutes won't take long to get used to! I was so pumped to get up today and for the second time this week my alarm didn't go off...at least this time it didn't almost make us late for church! Bummer, but I will try again tomorrow. Don't forget, some days your body just needs the extra rest more than the workout. =) By the way, happy (late) birthday!!!! Thanks for reading, it blesses me to know someone is getting something from my ramblings! =)


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