January 21, 2011

7 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier

I have had this interest in a raw food diet for awhile now.  It's a bit intimidating, eating nothing that has been cooked over a temperature of 116 degrees.  There are lots of people who do eat this way, they say they have incredible energy, natural weight loss, healthier skin, better digestion and lessened risk of heart disease.  Of course, as with most things, there are some concerns as well.  I don't think I'll ever go strictly raw, BUT I want to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible.  No matter your nutrition plan, more fresh produce is always good!  Take a look at the fifteen foods you don't have to buy organic!

1. Smoothies!  These are fun and easy ways to pack in more fruits (and veggies).  And they are great at any time of day!

2. Eat a small-medium sized salad BEFORE your full meal.  This will help your digestion system get working for all the cooked food, plus you get in more fresh vegetables and feel a little fuller before eating the more calorie-packed foods!  Just watch how much dressing you drizzle!

3. Keep a supply of fruit on hand for snacks!  Bananas, sliced apples with peanut (or almond) butter and sprinkled with cinnamon (yum!), little tangerines are sweet and easy to peel!  Just remember, what you see more often and what's most convenient is what you will reach for first.  Try to keep the fresh stuff in easy to reach places!

5. Be the person to bring the fruit/veggie platter to the party!  It's great for snacking and healthy for you and the other guests!

6. If you have a juicer, use it!  I would start with some fruits and vegetables until you get used to the intense flavors.  Start small, look for some good-sounding recipes and enjoy drinks or soups!

7. Eat a fun salad as a meal.  Get out of the boring salad routines and throw in some fruit, nuts, dried fruit, vegetables you've never ate before, crumble some hamburger over your salad or sliced grilled chicken.  Make it fun and enjoy feeling healthier inside and out!!

Thanks Bitt of Raw Blog!  Have anymore ideas you want to share?! I would LOVE to hear them!  Leave a comment.


  1. Just to play the opposition, let me toss around a few ideas that immediately come to mind in regards to a raw foods diet...

    Raw foods, especially veggies, don't completely digest, therefore you are not getting the full benefit of the food you are eating.

    I'm not sure if you had a meat substitution in mind, but my primary concern is that the absence of good old fashioned red meat can stunt brain growth. This is a greater concern in children than adults, obviously, and there are tons of other ways to get protein... but those seem to all need to be cooked, do they not?

    The other question in my mind is the differences between organic and non organic foods. Organic foods carry disease, bacteria, and a host of other parasites. People are always espousing the miracles of organic foods, but I contend that the people living during the black plague were eating organic foods, and that was their downfall.

    Of course on the other end of the spectrum, science continues to play god with our food. Sure we no longer have to worry about parasites, but who's to say that all this genetic engineering isn't going to lead to some other, more nefarious, crime against nature? Am I going to end up with a third ear on my back? (eew)

    My current fast was from processed foods. Similar to what you are about endure, with a few differences. I can cook my food, but all of my food must be something found in nature with literally nothing man made.

    Like you, I want to be healthier, stronger, more energetic, and a more efficient calorie burner. I am just starting in this journey and I clearly have a LOOOOOONG way to go. Hoping to learn what I can from you and others.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jeff, I don't mind a little "opposition!" =) I am so excited to hear you are on a journey to getting healthier too! I also just want to clarify, I'm not actually going on a RAW diet (or any other "diet" for that matter). =) My goal is just to eat MORE fruits and vegetables each day. I've just always been interested in vegetarian and raw diets (etc.), I guess because they seem like such a challenge and you have to be much more creative in meal planning...HOWEVER! I don't plan to ever go on a strict way of eating where I cut out complete types of foods or anything - I just like hearing other people's experiences of it, and apply what I can from it! I pray you have a lot of encouragement and accountability in your healthy endeavors!!! Keep it up!

  3. Thank you for the kind words! Readers in Belgium?! Wow!! :)


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