November 3, 2010

Recycle Bank | 165 Free Points! + iPhone Bonus

New sign ups get an instant = 25 pts!
Sign up for Ebay Green Team (free) = 50 pts!
Code: TakeSmallSteps choose Marcal as points partner (in drop down menu) = 15 pts!
Code: 031604025496 choose Nature's Made as points partner = 10 pts. up to 5 times = 50 pts!
Take the quiz here or below = 25 pts!

Also, check Marcal paper products for codes worth 15 pts.
Specially marked Kashi cereal boxes for codes worth 15 points, but doubled before November 30!
You can enter to win a free box of Kashi cereal here (until November 4th)

Take the quiz below for 25 Free Points!

Attention iPhone Users:

If you have an iPhone, check out the free app: shopkick!
The shopkick app is the first to offer you rewards just for walking into stores. By just clicking, scanning or walking into stores you accumulate kickbucks and you can get coupons and offers at different stores in your area.  
The reason I thought I'd tell you about this is because I just found out you can make donations to different causes, and for just 3 kickbucks you can donate to and offset 2 pounds of carbon emissions!  The average American produces 50-100 pounds a day, so start offsetting your footprint for free!

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