November 1, 2010

November has arrived!

I cannot believe it is November 1st and this year of 2010 is almost at a close!  So hard to grasp!  Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner all ready.  I like to use the last few weeks of the year to try and recap on all of my journaled prayers prayed and answered & blessings given and received before heading into the New Year with fresh goals.  What better time to count our blessings than the month of Thanksgiving!
This month, don't forget:

2 - VOTE!  Check out this page for quick and easy information on your local candidates!
6 - Daylight Savings (clocks fall back)
9 - Gateway God Be Praised Worship album released! (Available on iTunes)
13 - First weekend in Gateway's new church building!!!
25 - Thanksgiving Day!

Enjoy these Autumn months and your last few weeks of  2 0 1 0!

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