November 25, 2010

EASY Homemade Cranberry Sauce!

12oz Bag of Cranberry
3/4 Cup of Sugar
1/4 Cup of Orange Juice (or 1tsp of grated Lemon Zest)
1 Cup of Water

Put everything together in a medium saucepan, bring to a boil, then simmer until the cranberries pop (about 10-15 minutes).  Mash all the cranberries with a potato masher, and transport into a bowl and refrigerate overnight or at least 4 hours.  Serve and enjoy!!
Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Week | Michael Buble Christmas FREEBIE!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is here already!?!  I think I'm still in shock!  It's so easy to get caught up in the holidays and meals, food preparations, gift buying, wrapping and giving... and it's just as easy to forget what these celebrations are really about!  Thanksgiving is supposed to be about just that... giving thanks.  I love the memories of throwing a football around, watching the Thanksgiving day parades and football games, playing cards and board games with family, seeing loved ones we haven't seen in a while, and of course eating all the amazing dishes and desserts.  But I want to make sure that I take the time, amid all the festivities to share my thankfulness with God, family and friends and pass those memories and traditions on to my children as well.
What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving and Giving-Thanks traditions?

Here are a few goodies for you:

The History of Thanksgiving

Martha Stewart's Online Thanksgiving Cookbook!

10 Ideas for Giving Thanks

Michael Buble Christmas FREEBIE!
Amazon FREE $3 MP3 Download Credit - Click Here and follow instructions.  Once you have your $3 Amazon MP3 Credit, Then Click Here and Download Michael Buble's 6 Track "Let It Snow" for $1.99 (which means you'll still have a $1.01 credit towards another download of your choice)!  ENJOY!

November 19, 2010

My Makeup Makeover that Didn't Break the Bank!

I've tried to take my time and make my makeup makeover fun!  I decided against throwing out all my current "toxic" products and plan to use some of them up while slowly switching over.  I did collect a bag full of products to give away.  So as I use up one type of product, I begin researching a better alternative before buying anything new.  I started with my most used products and so far I have switched my concealer, blush/bronzer, finishing powder, some eye shadows and a few of my most common application brushes.  Here are some of my favorites: (all "3" or under on the cosmetics database scale or "clean" according to these guidelines.)

CVS Cleansing Towels | These are great for nights you're to tired to do a full wash and moisturize, just wipe off all your makeup with these towels (including water-proof mascara); they're great for traveling; only $5.99 at CVS stores, but I see a lot of BOGO 1/2 off sales!!!

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover | I use this with a cotton ball (if you haven't tried organic cotton balls, you should - it is SO much softer), and gently wipe off my water-proof mascara; actually gets a 4 on cosmetics database; $5 at Target (and many other stores).

EcoTools Brushes | I LOVE these!  I had a few coupons for them, and I've seen BOGO sales for them at ULTA; You can buy them for $2-15 at drugstores, Walmart, Target, etc. (sold individually too); Super soft and almost never lose bristles; Environmentally friendly!

Physicians Formula Concealers | I actually purchased a 2-pk of these at Walmart (in store) for the same price as 1 at most other stores ($5-$6); I purchased the Green for red marks and Light for dark circles; goes on great with the EcoTools Foundation brush!

Almay Pure Blends, Sunkissed | I'm not sure if Almay is discontinuing this product or not, but I purchased this for $3 at Target or Kroger from a cosmetics sale table; I LOVE this product, perfect "sunkissed" look; I use my own blush brush for a smoother look

E.L.F. All Over Color, Pink Lemonade | This is one of my favorite finds, goes on cheeks, lips and eyes; a perfect dewy glow; only $1 at drugstores, Walmart, Target and some grocery stores; 3 on the Cosmetics Database scale!

E.L.F. Mineral Eye Shadows | I have three shades, Wild, Elegant, and Seductive; $3 at but they offer a lot of promotions - I got my mineral purchase 50% off; no harsh chemicals, goes on & stays on great (especially with their Mineral Eyeshadow Primer!)

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Translucent Powder | I rarely use a finishing powder, but if I do I use this or E.L.F. Mineral Glow Shimmer; I purchased on sale for less than $3 at Target but it's usually $9.98 at Walmart.

I am still switching over my Foundation, Everyday Moisturizer (face and body), Deep Conditioning Moisturizer (body - for winter months), Mascara, and a few more Eyeshadow Shades.  Do you know of any good-for-you beauty secrets?

And my Five-Minute Makeup Favorites are.....(drum roll please)
Concealer - Bronzer - All Over Color on Cheeks/Eyes/Lips - Lip Balm - Mascara!  Done!

November 17, 2010

The Foundary Update

I posted earlier about The Foundary. If you are interested in getting up to 70% off home furnishings through this daily deals site, sign up before November 19th to be eligible for the up to $50 credits (described in the image below).

Any signups after November 19th will only be eligible for invite credits up to $10.  Even if you're not sure you are going to buy anything, go ahead and sign up before Friday so you can decide later and still qualify for the $50 credits!  Use this promotional link to signup now!

A Few Holiday Tools

Free Flat Rate Shipping Kit for easy holiday shipping right from home!

Free Shipping Day for last minute, online Christmas shopping December 17, 2010!

November 8, 2010

Free Preview | Jason Castro New Album TODAY ONLY!!!

Go HERE and check out the free album preview of Jason Castro's new (Christian) album!  Today is the last day, but each week there is a new christian album to preview (a continual streaming of the entire album, great if you have an hour or so of work to do at your computer)!  Go to's Facebook Page and "Like" them, then check out their Album Preview page and their Free Songs page and download new tastes of music each week!  This week, Gateway God Be Praised title track is available for free (plus a few other songs)!!!!  Which reminds me to tell you that the album is being released nationwide TOMORROW!  Check them out on iTunes ($9.99) or in your local stores ($13.99)!!!  Enjoy the free music!

I'm also looking into ($4.99 or $9.99/month for web only or unlimited downloads that sync to your smart phone and add to your iTunes or WMP as well!).  Here is a link to their FAQ page.  I'll tell you more when I've tried it....Have you tried it?  What are your thoughts?!

November 5, 2010

The Foundary

Another daily deals site?  I know!  They seem to be everywhere.  But this is a first for me, up to %70 off home essentials at  I typically see clothing and accessories or entertainment type sites.  What's even better?  You can earn up to $50 credits (and more), free!

Sign up here and start accruing your free credits!  I saw some beautiful vintage prints for $45 the other day, so keep your eyes peeled and maybe you'll catch some free Christmas presents!

November 4, 2010

Free Swagbucks + Donate to Charity

For those of you who haven't heard of Swagbucks, I wrote an article on it earlier, it is an easy way to make money!  Really!  I use Swagbucks as my search engine instead of Google, and collect "swagbucks!"  In about two weeks of regular web surfing I earned 450 points which is all you need for a $5 gift card (though there are TONS of other items you can "purchase" in their store).  I have collected a total of $40 dollars in gift cards!  (Go here to find out how you can get free two-day shipping on
If you haven't started using Swagbucks, click on the link to start a free account and begin surfing the web!
Also, for a limited time, Swagbucks is teaming up with GE to help donate to charitable causes and put 7 free Swagbucks in your account!  Click here to find out more!

Happy Surfing!

November 3, 2010

Recycle Bank | 165 Free Points! + iPhone Bonus

New sign ups get an instant = 25 pts!
Sign up for Ebay Green Team (free) = 50 pts!
Code: TakeSmallSteps choose Marcal as points partner (in drop down menu) = 15 pts!
Code: 031604025496 choose Nature's Made as points partner = 10 pts. up to 5 times = 50 pts!
Take the quiz here or below = 25 pts!

Also, check Marcal paper products for codes worth 15 pts.
Specially marked Kashi cereal boxes for codes worth 15 points, but doubled before November 30!
You can enter to win a free box of Kashi cereal here (until November 4th)

Take the quiz below for 25 Free Points!

Attention iPhone Users:

If you have an iPhone, check out the free app: shopkick!
The shopkick app is the first to offer you rewards just for walking into stores. By just clicking, scanning or walking into stores you accumulate kickbucks and you can get coupons and offers at different stores in your area.  
The reason I thought I'd tell you about this is because I just found out you can make donations to different causes, and for just 3 kickbucks you can donate to and offset 2 pounds of carbon emissions!  The average American produces 50-100 pounds a day, so start offsetting your footprint for free!

November 1, 2010

November has arrived!

I cannot believe it is November 1st and this year of 2010 is almost at a close!  So hard to grasp!  Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner all ready.  I like to use the last few weeks of the year to try and recap on all of my journaled prayers prayed and answered & blessings given and received before heading into the New Year with fresh goals.  What better time to count our blessings than the month of Thanksgiving!
This month, don't forget:

2 - VOTE!  Check out this page for quick and easy information on your local candidates!
6 - Daylight Savings (clocks fall back)
9 - Gateway God Be Praised Worship album released! (Available on iTunes)
13 - First weekend in Gateway's new church building!!!
25 - Thanksgiving Day!

Enjoy these Autumn months and your last few weeks of  2 0 1 0!

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