October 11, 2010

Autumn Inspirations Under $15!

I love Fall!  Definitely my most favorite season of them all!  Growing up in Vermont, Autumn came in the beginning of September with crisp mornings, leaves changing into bright, fiery colors, and picking apples in the orchards!  I have wonderful memories of piling leaves in the front yard and getting to take the day off from school (even though I was home-schooled) and jump in the piles. 
Things have changed a bit since those younger years.  In Texas, Autumn comes sometime in mid-late September for a day, then leaves again and doesn't stick around until late-October/mid-November.  The leaves only change one color: brown.  The grass is that color too by then.  And I haven't seen an apple orchard yet...but maybe I'm not looking hard enough? 
Either way, no matter where I am, I am inspired by Autumn!  I love the cozy scarves and sweaters, cool boots and cinnamon-pumpkin candles.  Here are a few of the fall-ish things that have caught my eye this year... all $15 or less!!!

1. Colored Flour Sack Towels.  I read a great article on flour sack towels before i ever started the transition to a greener-me.  I have a few of my own, but they are white.  These beautifully colored towels really bring the changing season straight into your kitchen! ($9.99 Amazon.com)

2. E.L.F. All Over Color Stick.  This is my new favorite "go-to" piece in my makeup bag.  This product gets a "3" on the CosmeticsDatabase, which is the highest ranking I like to buy when replacing old toxic items.  I purchased the "pink lemonade" color and it blends in smoothly on cheeks, eyes and lips!  It's even better priced at $1!!! ($1 at drugstores and grocery stores or online)

3. Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo.  For those of you grasping at the last days of blazing sun and summer beaches, this is a pleasant reminder that leaves your hair soft, healthy and smelling sweet!  ($6 at Walmart, CVS and other stores)

4. P.S. I Made This: Embellished Shoulder Pad.  This is quite a statement-making accessory!  I haven't tried this yet, but I can't wait to make it myself and add a fun finishing touch to t-shirts, blazers and sweaters!  (a few $ for items you don't already have)

5. For Every Body Soy Candles.  I have a tiny obsession with sweet-smelling candles!  Especially this time of year, it adds such warmth to every room in your house.  These are a new find that I'm enjoying very much, soy based candles with lead free wicks!  I just learned how much cleaner soy candles burn than regular ones.  ($5.99 at Kohls - currently on sale!)

6. Raw Apple Crisp (I will still be making the original version this year!).  I L-O-V-E Apple crisp, the bubbly, sweet, baked dessert brings back beautiful memories of happy childhood days.  I thought I would give this raw version a shot in effort to get healthier (inside and out)!  (a few $ for ingredients, many you probably have on hand already)

7. Long-sleeved Lace T-Shirts.  I love how lace can add a little femininity to almost anything! It's a great choice for all the layering you'll be doing this season, under summer dresses with some boots, or over a tank top with a cute blazer or sweater in hand when it cools down in the evening.  Dressy or casual, definitely worth the small investment! ($15 at Charlotte Russe) 

8. Chocolate!  Chocolate is always inspiring!  I feel right no matter what the weather, with a good chunk of dark chocolate!  But this kind is a little extra special because it is made in my hometown in Vermont, called Lake Champlain Chocolates.  Dark Chocolate has some great properties, and it's yummy too! ($2.70 LCC)

9. Leaf Place Cards.  I love dried leaves!  What a great idea to turn them into name cards for your holiday events!  You may choose to place them on the napkin or table rather than in drinking glasses. ($0)

10. E.L.F. Mineral Makeup.  I just made my first online purchase of ELF mineral cosmetics.  Sign up for their newsletter to get many good deals.  They just had a 50% mineral makeup purchase, so I was able to stock up on eye shadows, blushes, eye liner, lip gloss and a few other items for less than $20 (including shipping)!  I have tried each item and I'm sold.  Great products, without the harmful chemicals to look out for, and amazing price!  Bring on the sunless skin, I've got enough color to make me blush!  ($3-8 at elf.com)

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