September 1, 2010

Turkey Chili w/ Beans and Rice

Not really how the chili looks, but I forgot to snap a shot of my own!

1lb of lean Ground Turkey
1 Onion
1 Pepper (I used Red, but Orange or Green is best for the mixture of colors)
1 C. Instant Brown Rice, uncooked (or 1 C. any Rice, cooked)
1 C. Frozen (or Fresh) Corn
1 15.5 oz. can Beans, drained (I used White. Navy, Kidney or Black would be great too)
1 28 oz. can Tomatoes, undrained (I used Diced tomatoes)
1 Tbsp. Egg Whites (The Secret Ingredient!)
Seasonings (*See what I used below)
1.5-2 C. Water (Depending on how liquid-y you like your Chili)

Saute the Onion and Pepper in a tsp. of Olive Oil, until soft.  Push to the side of the pan and cook the Ground Turkey.  While cooking the meat, add the Egg Whites.  (This doesn't change the flavor at all, but adds protein, hardly any calories and helps give the Turkey stick together, giving it a texture more similar to ground beef).  Now mix together the Onion/Peppers and Turkey in the pan.  Cook the Turkey completely.  Add Corn, Beans, Tomatoes, Water and then Rice.  Stir together, season and cook for 20 minutes on Medium-Low heat (or until everything is heated through and the Instant Rice is cooked).  Add more liquid if needed (the Rice soaks up a lot of it) and simmer until you're ready to eat!
Serves 8

Tomatoes, Brown Rice, Lean Ground Turkey, Beans, Onion, Egg Whites, Pepper (and spicy foods) are all in the Top Fat Burning Foods that help boost your metabolism, even after you've finished eating!

*List of Seasonings:
Salt, Black Pepper, Jane's Krazy Mixed Up Pepper, Crushed Red Peppers, Garlic Powder.  Paprika optional on ground turkey for coloring, otherwise the turkey has a white look - even w/o egg whites).

Additional Options:
My official taste-tester (DJ) approved of the finished recipe, said that it had an almost Chicken Tortilla Soup taste, and thought that strips of Blue Corn Tortilla Chips might be really good on there!
Feel free to mess with the ingredients and seasonings all you want.  I almost always make choices based on what is in my pantry/fridge or what I need to use up!  Tell me what changes you tried and if they worked out!

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