September 14, 2010

Hosting My First Baby Shower!

I did it!  I hosted my very first baby shower (which is part of the reason I've neglected my blogging a bit)!  I thought I'd post a few pics of the things I did in case anyone could use some of the ideas (I also just want to show you what I've been working on for the past few weeks)!  Let me know some of your great shower/party ideas!
I made a blog for the shower.

And put some fun stuff up (like a picture of what the baby might look like according to  along with directions and all the details for everyone who may have misplaced their invitation.

Then I just started to think about all the things I've appreciated in showers or wanted to have.  First thing, I really wanted the Guest of Honor (Becky) to have plenty of time to visit with her friends and family here since she now lives hours away from us and hasn't had a chance to see everyone in awhile.  So I decided on no baby shower games.

We decided on a polka dot/turtle theme (in correlation with the registry), with hints of Dr. Seuss (Becky loves Dr Seuss everything)!

Gift: My First Diaper Cake!

Kept the Food Simple: Fruit & Veggie trays, Chicken Salad and Crackers with Sliced Cheese.  Raspberry Sweet Tea and Water to drink!

Cake(s): Janet (my sister-in-law) made AMAZING Truffle Turtle cakes, as well as two huge Turtle Cupcake Cakes with some extra cupcakes on the side.  Everyone LOVED these!
After everyone had a chance to eat and talk I did a drawing and gave away four prizes (bath stuff, Starbucks gift card & journal, devotional CD & journal...stuff like that!).  I had everyone fill out their name and address on envelopes and place them in a blue bin decorated with little turtles.  It's always fun to get prizes and Becky doesn't have to address 40 Thank You's now!  This was also in place of a game: it got everyone's attention and helped direct the mood to the rest of the shower's "agenda" which was cake and presents!

On their way out I had a bowl of Kit Kats each with a note attached reminding everyone to check out the blog for event pictures and giving them a web address where they could upload the pics they took!

All in all, we had a great time visiting with friends and family and were able to bless Noe and Becky with many of their baby needs!!!  We were all tuckered out when it was said and done...

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