August 20, 2010

Recycle Bank

Recycle Bank is a really cool reward system that encourages recycling!  You earn points, and get rewards (there are tons)!
One easy way to score 50 points is to sign up for the ebay Green Team (which is completely free).  You can also get points by sending in old electronics, signing up for greener electricity (CT, NY, TX only), local recycling (currently Houston and Carrolton are the only participating cities in Texas), and more.  You can earn a free 15 points until August 31st with code: ORGANICDEALS15!!! (Click here for instructions).
They even have a letter form you can use to send to your city to ask them to get involved!  I didn't realize that before I typed up my own email and sent it in to my city officials.  Sadly, they aren't currently participating in the program, so even though we recycle every week (our little green bin is usually overflowing), I don't see any rewards for it ... yet.  But it did feel good to do something about it.  I wanted my neighborhood to benefit and actually did something to try and help!  Without much fruit, but hey.  It's a start!

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