August 10, 2010

Bathroom Prayer

I went through a season a while back when I was filling up my iPhone Kindle app with lots of free ebooks (mostly classics like Pride and Prejudice).  One of the books I read was a quick read titled "200 Pomegranates And An Audience of One" by Shawn Wood.  At the very back of the book is a prayer that I have taped on my bathroom mirror and read every morning while I'm brushing my teeth:
"God I pray that You would remind me that You created me for a life of meaning and influence, ultimately to bring You fame.  I pray that You would continue this work in me and hone my skills, talents, and spiritual gifts in such a way that You would be honored by my greatness.  As I walk in this jouney, God, I pray that You would show me what to do, teaching me what the passion of my life should be.  Along that journey, I pray that You would allow me to have the courage and integrity to do something meaningful with my life.  Lord teach me to see the needs of others as You see them, and to invest in your other people, Your prized possessions.  When I do this, I pray that it would be a beacon that shines on You.  God, as I do these things I pray that You would be my audience.  That my love and adoration would be for You and that You alone would get my praise.  And lastly, God, allow me the grace to finish the race well.  To hear You say, "Well done."  Lord, give me Your strength to finish strong in Jesus' Name." Amen!

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