July 23, 2010

A New Addition to My Growing Library

I just got two new videos in the mail to workout with!  Yay!  I tried the Yoga Meltdown yesterday - not your typical yoga practice I must say... my arms and shoulders are burning!  I love Jillian's style of working out (check out my previous blog).  I just finished BFBM, OMG! (I don't even say that).  Definitely for intermediate to advanced Jillian-ers.  I know I'm back to a beginner as I slowly strengthen my post-third-pregnancy body, but I was still a bit shocked at how hard this was.  I made it through only 4 of the 6 circuits (or 3 of 5, I wasn't counting or thinking about anything but inhaling and exhaling and not falling flat on my face).  The 4 circuits I did do I could only do beginner-style and still only made it through about half of the movements.  Wow.  The exciting thing is, *bright side of life moment* I know I have a gauge for seeing how much stronger I'm getting.  The day I can make it all the way through BFBM will be a G-R-E-A-T day!!! So, my library of Jillian is slowly growing (I don't think I'm obsessed).

I am proud to say that I have been fairly diligent with my three-day-a-week workouts, slowly building up to more (I've started doing some cardio at our local YMCA as well).  I've been trying to eat better too, that's been going pretty good...so hopefully I will be back into my own clothes before the summer is over!  
What's next?  I know I can always increase my routine (more days, more weight, longer workouts, etc.) but I really need to keep a goal in front of me that excites me...so my second-ever 5K is next in line.  What are your goals?  What keeps you excited about being active?


  1. Hearing you talk gets me excited about working out. I have tried to stick to Jillian's 30 day shred so many times and then every day when I get home from work at 5pm and start making dinner I'm too exhausted. I so want to do it, but 5am doesn't excite me much to do it either. So I'm trying to see what could be best for me...or I may just have to suck it up haha.

  2. Definitely keep at it and figure out what works best for you because you're going to want something that you can live with. I have a hard time getting up early these days (sleep is so precious!), but that's always been my preferred time of day to workout because it just sets me up for success (feel better/stronger all day, eat more nutritious meal options, etc.) I hope you make time to do something you like that gets your heart rate up (even if it's just dancing around your house for 30 minutes)!


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