July 6, 2010

Happy Child, Happy House

My pastor Robert Morris, just finished a series on Broken: Repairing the Family (click to watch/listen to all the related sermons).  His two messages leading up to "Happy Child, Happy House" were "Happy Wife, Happy Life" and "Happy Husband, Happy Home."
I can't believe what an incredible, life-altering message this was for me!  It is all about raising your children, and training them up biblically.  It is extremely practical (which I love), and every time that I've had to correct my children since, I've run through the list of points in my mind.  I recommend that every parent, soon-to-be-parent, one-day-will-be-parent, and even grandparents listen to this message!!!
Here are a few of my favorite points:

  1. Be Clear
    1. Give Clear Instructions
    2. Give Clear Results
    3. Give Clear Reasons
  2. Be Convicting (Not Condemning)
    1. Say it Specifically
    2. Say it Repeatedly
    3. Say it Differently
  3. Be Chastening (Not Chastising)
    1. Give Correction, Not Punishment
    2. Give Covering, Not Embarrassment
    3. Give Justice, Not Fairness
  4. Be Compassionate
    1. Hold Them
    2. Hug Them
    3. Heal Them
Those are only half of the points.  To fill in the blanks and really get the revelation of this message, check out the full notes and take a few minutes to listen to it, I know it will change your life!  
God, help us all to understand You better as our Father and Lord help us to be better parents and children ourselves.  

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  1. This is very good! "I hope we did that!" :-)


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